When you sit down with Benjie and Bobby and ask them about how they met, you will probably get two slightly different versions of the same story. Bobby will give you details, like how many years the courtship lasted, and who won the capture the flag game they both played on the Diag during their first week on campus. Benjie might say something like she told us- “Ahh, freshman year. You didn’t know what your major was going to be, you didn’t know that you met your future husband last week.”

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

Benjie Johnson, chief officer of the Integrated Revenue Cycle at the University of Michigan Health System told us the first time she walked into a UMCU branch, she felt like family. We can say the feeling is mutual! To spend a few minutes with this match made in Maize and Blue heaven, is to truly feel like family.


A UMCU member since 1982 and probably better known to Michigan fans as “Coach Hutch,” Carol Hutchins is a legendary figure in collegiate athletics, winning more college softball games than any other coach in history. Her work as a Title IX advocate not only improved the women’s athletics programs at the University of Michigan, but programs at universities across the nation as well. Her career defines what it means to be the Leaders and the Best, and her work will help shape the future of collegiate athletics for generations to come.

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

When we asked Coach Hutch to describe her relationship with UMCU, we were honored to hear “extremely helpful.” We strive to serve our members and community at the highest levels of quality and integrity. It has energized all of us to receive a tip of the cap from someone who has spent a lifetime defining what service to a community means, and we are committed to passing that same quality and integrity onto all of our members.


To say Christine Oldenburg-McGee, PA-C in the U of M General Surgery Department at the University of Michigan Medical Center, bleeds Maize & Blue would be an extreme understatement. Her parents met at Michigan. Her father was involved with the Alumni Association as a director. In junior high, she would sing UM songs at alumni meetings as part of a female acapella quartet. Her husband is a Wolverine. Her son is, too, currently pursuing a degree in computer science. Christine’s latest celebration of the Bicentennial happened to be walking in the graduation ceremony at the Big House after completing her Master’s degree in Education.

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

Her Michigan bona fides are in-tact.

A UMCU member since 1985, Christine shared with us that the credit union has helped her achieve her goals, as well as her dreams. Whether it is receiving an education from the greatest university on earth, or a burgeoning horse farm just outside of Ann Arbor, we are happy to help and proud to call her a member.


Jan-Ulrik Dahl, Postdoctoral DFG Research Fellow at Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan has been a UMCU member since 2014. When Jan moved to Ann Arbor from Germany, he yearned for the ability to explore his new hometown. However, as an international student, it was difficult for him to acquire a car loan from a traditional bank. Following the advice from friends and colleagues, Jan turned to UMCU and finally found the help he needed to finance a car. With the support of UMCU and his Ford Fiesta, Jan has had the freedom to travel all over Michigan, discover some of his new favorite cities such as Detroit and flourish in the A2 community.

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography


Kay Yourist wanted the opportunity to be a full time self-employed artist and achieve a goal of expanding her pottery studio into a retail location to make it more accessible to the local community, in 1977. Many Ann Arbor banks turned her down for a business loan because she was a woman, may become pregnant and, therefore, not a good risk for the bank. That is when Kay turned to UMCU. She applied for a credit card to build up credit, and eventually was able to apply for an equity loan to begin working on her goal. The trust the University of Michigan Credit Union gave Kay as a young entrepreneur in 1980, ignited the success Yourist Pottery celebrates today. Click here to visit the website for her studio Yourist Studio Gallery.


Photo by Caili Dalian, UMCU

Photo by Caili Dalian, UMCU

Video by Virginia Lozano, Michigan Daily. Visit for more! 



Shorya Awtar, Sc.D., is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, and UMCU member since 2006. His revolutionary new invention called FlexDex is primed to disrupt the Minimally Invasive Surgery field. With hours like his, our newly remodeled Pierpont branch provides Shorya with the modern and stylish conveniences that an innovator such as himself can appreciate.

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography

The remarkable FlexDex in action. Click here to learn more about this incredible invention, and visit the FlexDex website.



On November 8, 1954, a charter was signed by Stephen A. Barnett, William J. Carey, Michael P. Church, Harold M. Dorr, N. Marbury Efimenco, Pierce H. Farrar, Donald B. Gooch, Robert F. Haugh, Mrs. Julian B. Nott, Charles E. Stallard, Alfred B. Ueker, and Fred G. Walcott, organizing the University of Michigan Employee’s Credit Union. Michael P. Church was the key to this organizational effort. In the early 1950s, Michael served as Executive Secretary of the Michigan Education Association, Region III, and wanted to organize a credit union for teachers in five local counties. Teachers in Monroe and Jackson counties, however, wanted their own credit union, so Mr. Church helped organize a credit union for University of Michigan employees. The credit union began operations in a small office in the University’s Administration Building. Over the years UMCU has been located above a barber shop, in the University Personnel Department, in a two-teller office adjacent to a campus restaurant, in its own building on the north side of town, and in rented quarters in a strip mall. In 1982, University of Michigan alumni were added to the field of membership and “Employee’s” was dropped from our name. 

We compiled some pictures and bios of some of our founders below. We hope to add more as we move forward with the campaign.


Michael P. Church

Michael P. Church was the Director of Cultural Activities for the Extension Service at the University of Michigan for 30 years. Church was one of Michigan’s best known figures in the creative and cultural arts, and often lectured in the College of Architecture and Design. He was dubbed “Michigan’s Evangelist of Art” by Reader’s Digest.

“Always look upon things as you were seeing them for the first time.”

Donald B. Gooch

Years with Michigan: 1936-1974

Donald B. Gooch was a professor in the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Michigan from 1936-1974. As an artist, he helped develop the advertising and design program at U-M. Gooch also conducted extensive research on the use of pictographic techniques for communicating with illiterate populations and created pictographic symbols known as “picture talk,” for a village in Nepal. 

Harold M. Dorr

Years with Michigan: 1928-1967

Harold M. Dorr wore many hats during his time with the University of Michigan, including Professor of Political Science and U-M’s Dean of Statewide Education. As the Dean of Statewide Education, he helped establish U-M’s Flint and Dearborn campuses. Dorr also was an exceptionally active community member, involved in the Ann Arbor Information and Counseling Center for Veterans, the Washtenaw County Selective Service, and Rotary International. 






Robert F. Haugh

Years with Michigan: 1947-1979

Robert F. Haugh was a Professor of English at the University of Michigan where his scholarly and teaching interests focused on the modern novel. As a fiction writer, Haugh was a principle figure in the Department’s Hopwood Program. He served as the Director of the Hopwood Awards Program from 1965-1972. Haugh was named Professor Emeritus of English for his years’ of dedication to The University of Michigan.

Fred G. Walcott

Years at Michigan: 1930-1965

Fred G. Walcott was a Professor of Education and English in the School of Education and College of Literature, Science and Arts at the University of Michigan. His idealistic approaches to education lead his career as a speaker and educator. Walcott developed and encouraged a personal, creative freedom learning style for high school and college students.

“While some educators are harping on the need for more discipline, the few who understand the nature of the creative spirit must labor to protect personal freedom. For without that, there can be no significant creative art.”



N. Marbury Efimenco

N. Marbury Efimenco was a Professor of Politics, Foreign Policy and Government at the University of Michigan. He served as a Foreign Service Office for the United States, traveling and studying the Middle East. Efimenco has published a plethora of journals about topics such as politics, international affairs, and cultural science.